Pass Jupiter's Way (NSFW)

Magriet Smulders

Great colors!

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Thy Art is Murder Set

With Di. Minus the humidity and the fan dying, today’s shoot was great. Look forward to doing more, but in an air conditioned environment and Di sews, so would like to incorporate her creations into them.


Bassnectar & Seth Drake

Could listen to this song nonstop! 

Cause it’s you and me against the world now

You & Me (feat. W. Darling), Bassnectar

June 24th can’t come sooner :)

Got myself roaming with time and coffee

We should define time as a destination for there is an end to any beginnings. It is a journey in how we measure progress in our failures and accomplishments.  

Interestingly enough, time is endless and only ending when defined and labeled. Time does not define itself, but it is defined by those who make the journey in its endless abyss.


Faust, Gorillaz

after a hard (work) day…