Pass Jupiter's Way (NSFW)

those damn motherf**king

Titans! Why and where do they come from?!

It go Halle Berry or hallelujah, pick you poison, tell me what you doing…

This year, I’m 25, and I’m going all in, giving it 100%.

All my life, I’ve picked up hobbies, only to always stop midway through; content with the progress I’ve made, and never proceeding to discover my full potential. Fuck that now, let’s go over 9000…

I’ve had enough time observing and being content. I know there’s more potential. Time to make a splash!

"I think it's time to blow this scene. Get everybody and their stuff together. OK, three, two, one let's jam..."



January, what a month. A month where life just got tired of waiting and threw me out on the open water and said “swim!” And honestly, it’s what I needed. I’m awake now with a strong desire for progress and success.

So last year I tried to do a 365 project. I posted my images on my…


Give Life Back to [Photography]

Random Access Memory, Daft Punk

Needless to say, congrats Daft Punk on best album/record of the year!

Feel the Adrenaline

Who’s that chick?, Rihanna